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OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday-Sunday - by appointment only


Chinese Medicine

In my practice I use various methods of moving the Qi and blood of the body

that help promote healing and alleviate pain. To paraphrase one of the tenets of Chinese medicine, "Where things do not move, there is pain, where things move, there is no pain." This applies to the physical body as well as to the mind.


Thin needles are inserted into the skin at traditional points chosen for their ability

to effect balance in the energetic flow of the body.

Tui Na

Chinese Medical Massage is used to move stagnation and patterns of holding

in the musculoskeletal system, and to facilitate ease of movement. It can also

be used, with good effect, for internal conditions.

Chinese Herbology

Chinese herbs are primarily used in traditional formulas that correspond to specific patterns of disharmony in the body. They are individually modified based on how

the patient manifests that disharmony.


Glass cups are applied with suction, pulling the skin and muscle, which moves

and alleviates deep stagnation, swelling and pain.

Gua Sha

The rounded edge of a ceramic spoon is used to create abrasion on the skin

to move superficial stagnation, swelling and pain.

You don't need an understanding of Chinese medicine to have a successful treatment, and you don't need to choose a modality. I make a thorough assessment of each patient and work with them to select a treatment or combination of treatments that are appropriate to each individual's situation and comfort level.

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