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Peter is a talented acupuncturist and Tui Na practitioner. His ability to listen, diagnose and treat the condition you seek remedy for is exceptional. I first received treatment from Peter four years ago when I suffered a major head injury from from a fall. His ability to treat the pain that was associated with postconcussion syndrome was extraordinary. 

He is extremely patient and does not rush during the treatments. Most recently I went

to visit Peter for tendinitis in my feet and shoulders. After the first treatment I was actually able to walk several blocks; that may sound small, but for someone who could barely walk a block it was astounding. I received immediate relief from the chronic pain that I was experiencing. In addition, I have to say that his bedside manner is helpful because he has a great sense of humor and helps you get past the depression

of pain. I look forward to continue working with him as we journey on the healing process. Peter is also knowledgeable about nutrition, and gives recommendations

on things that might possibly ease chronic conditions. He is a kind person, and professional practitioner, one that I highly recommend to anyone looking to heal from

a chronic condition.

Mara S. - actress/singer

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